A couple and their families can spend many months planning a California wedding. That’s not surprising when you consider the approaching festivities represent one most important days in the lives of two people, their wedding day. With any luck, their wedding day will be meaningful, exciting, and beautiful, but it should also be enjoyable and carefree. It is your wedding day and you should enjoy it, savoring every possible detail so it can be recalled in years to come.

Wedding planning should start about a year before the event. Thankfully there are more than a few wedding planning timelines out there, though most are designed for couples who are planning weddings well in advance. If you don’t have 15 months until your wedding day, the time to start planning your wedding is as soon as possible!

The thing about wedding planning timelines is that they are so general. No one timeline will be perfect for a particular couple because brides and grooms all have different priorities. For instance, there may not even be twelve months between now and the big day. You may not need to worry about uncomfortable shoes because you’re planning a barefoot beach shindig. If you’re planning a booze-free reception, there is no need to research liquor options. Heck, half of the items on your chosen wedding planning checklist may not apply to the wedding taking shape in your brain.

Luckily, it’s no problem—just get rid of the superfluous wedding planning tasks and start adding your own to-do items to the timeline! Timelines are only a guide, after all. Some couples who are eloping or planning a simple wedding will need far less time to put together an unforgettable affair. Brides and grooms who are putting together a massive traditional wedding with all the trimmings may need two whole years to ensure they can find everything they want and need.

Do I Need to Hire a Palm Springs Wedding Coordinator?

You can avoid a lot of stress by using Joyful Weddings & Events as your wedding planner because we can guide you as you coordinate your special event. Proper wedding planning will also allow you to save money, avoid wedding-day disasters, and perhaps most importantly, enjoy and remember the wedding day, and not worrying and running around with last-minute tasks. Small budget weddings, tastefully executed and artfully arranged, are our specialty. Joyful Weddings & Events handles exclusively weddings, and yours will receive personalized attention

Our team is equipped with all the ingredients to create your perfect Palm Springs wedding. If you feel you are having trouble with planning your wedding, call one of our Palm Springs based certified wedding consultants. These professionals can be a valuable source when you do not have the time to plan your wedding. Wedding consultants do all the dirty work when it comes to wedding planning from negotiating prices, hiring vendors, and ordering all of your necessities.

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