Vendor Contracts

The below event vendor service agreements are a gift from Reverend Richard Cadieux, one of the most knowledgeable event vendor contract experts in the country. Call Reverend Richard Cadieux to officiate your California wedding. 760-636-3564.

Getting every agreement, written or oral in writing is what couples and event professionals are often advised to, yet rarely do!

Why is that? Its’ because 99% of all contracts have been written in favor of event vendors who are covering their bases.  Frankly, most couples rarely have the event vendor knowledge to make truly informed decisions.

Event coordinators will greatly benefit from downloading the attached service agreements as they are highly-detailed at pointing out the work that vendors are promising to perform, yet not spelling out in their current contracts.

The contracts that you can download free of charge from this page were created to educate lay people about what to be aware of when negotiating event vendor contracts in six vendor classifications.

Bakery Services Agreement, Band/Performance Services Agreement, Floral/Décor Services Agreement, DJ Services Agreement, Photographer Services Agreement and Videographer Services Agreement.

These explanatory contracts are so thorough, proofed and edited by a judge, that it is doubtful that most vendors would ever sign their name to one.

Why is that? Because they were written to protect both the consumer and the vendor.

In closing, read these agreements top to bottom and learn how to negotiate for services BEFORE contract problems occur.

Laws vary from time to time and from state to state. These materials are not intended tobe and are not a substitute for legal advice.