The Let’s Run Away Together package is designed to be both super simple and custom-tailored to your sense of humor, style, and idea of eloping. Whether you want a quiet experience with just the three of us or a handful of your closest friends or family, I will help you design a joyful, intimate, romantic celebration. This service is designed for a fun & stress-free experience.

What to expect with The Let’s Run Away Together Package:

Optional: I help you pick out your perfect location. I’ve been doing this for nearly 20 years, so I know some pretty cool spots, both with and without site fees, if you need some guidance.
I help you with the legalities of getting married and am a Notary Public for special paperwork.
We get to know each other through my couples questionnaire and a video chat or phone call. That is how I get to know you well enough to write a stellar, meaningful ceremony that is all about you!
You bring yourselves, maybe a few loved ones, to the selected location.
We arrive at your romantic location and pick our photogenic spot to have your moment.
If there is not a photographer, we take a few photos!
We take care of the paperwork a copy of which you will receive from me within 24 hours.
We part company grateful for our time and shared experience together.

Here’s what The Let’s Run Away Together Package is NOT:

This is NOT a backyard wedding or a formal wedding. If you have more than ten guests or it’s at a family home, it’s now a wedding with different pricing and terms.
There is NO setup, NO exceptions. That means no arches, strewn flower petals, no chairs, no music. Why? Because all those things require permits and as soon as you have an arch and a permit for your “easy mountain elopement”, your mom is now asking who’s walking you down the aisle? Can we get chairs to set up? Who’s going to be in your wedding party? Yes, it is that slippery a slope and it spins out of control that quickly! The whole idea of a simple desert elopement package is the hiker’s “pack in, pack out” mentality: leave no evidence of your elopement except footprints and photos. If you want to avoid costly permits and any other additional fees, we keep it simple!
This is NOT a last-minute decision. Writing a custom ceremony takes time. The ceremony may be simplified to accommodate couples who are booking last minute.