Lake Arrowhead Wedding Officiant

Lake Arrowhead is a beautiful destination for your wedding that offers something a bit different than the typical SoCal wedding. With a backdrop of water, mountains, tall trees, and sometimes even snow, it is quite the contrast to beach or desert locations that are so common in this area.

Joyful Weddings & Events is a wedding officiant and Master of Ceremonies company that travels Southern California and helps you design a wedding that is beautiful, fun, and true to your love story. The wedding ministers work closely with you to create meaningful wedding vows that capture your unique relationship and personalities. This wedding officiant goes the extra mile to ensure your guests are entertained and their hearts are touched. Richard will deeply engage your guests in the heart of your ceremony and then move them seamlessly throughout the elements of your reception.


Why hire Rev. Richard Cadieux to officiate your wedding and/or act as your Master of Ceremonies instead of any other person? Owner Reverend Richard has officiated thousands of weddings for couples all over the Inland Empire and beyond. He has over 20 years of experience officiating and emceeing beautiful ceremonies and events. His specialty is co-authoring customized ceremonies where guests not only feel the depth of a couple’s covenant but also bring to their consciousness the importance of the love of friends and family in their lives.

  • Serving the Inland Empire since 2001
  • 1,700+ destination weddings of experience
  • Is a fully trained and Certified Wedding Consultant
  • An accomplished writer and Master of Ceremonies, who will help you to organize a memorable experience for you and your guests!
  • He also has coordinated hundreds of weddings as a certified consultant.
  • Joyful Weddings & Events has 100’s of 5-star reviews on Wedding Wire and Yelp.

Top 5 Places to Get Married in Lake Arrowhead

If you’re considering Lake Arrowhead as your wedding destination, consider the following 5 best locations for a Lake Arrowhead wedding ceremony:

  1. Arrowhead Pine Rose Cabins. With space both for your ceremony and reception, the private rustic cabins at Pine Rose work great as part of a wedding package (and they offer numerous options, including vendors if you would like). The rustic grounds have numerous places where you can escape for an intimate and private ceremony, and the pines and light guarantee the happy couple will have a special day.
  2. Willow Woods Park. A storybook venue exactly like you might expect from a name like Willow Woods, serving as a Lake Arrowhead officiant here is quite easy, as they’ll readily work with you to create Lake Arrowhead elopement options for you and the happy couple.
  3. Chateau Du Lac. A beautiful and rustic bed and breakfast, they offer Lake Arrowhead elopement packages that include a honeymoon suite overlooking the lake for the night after—ensuring the happy couple both privacy and a chance to celebrate their happy night without needing to worry about driving anywhere. The huge deck and gazebo are perfect for small ceremonies, too.
  4. Sky Park Weddings. Though Sky Park is best known for intimate gatherings, they can accommodate groups of up to 300—and are available for weddings May-October (when the weather is generally better). As with Arrowhead Pine Rose Cabins, they can work with you to provide Lake Arrowhead elopement packages from which to choose or you can select your own vendors.
  5. Fox Banquet and Events. If looking for something a bit more elegant and glamorous, the beautifully restored Redlands historic venue (dating back to 1928) promises not just a beautiful ballroom but also a full red-carpet experience.

Lake Arrowhead Elopement

When it comes to planning a wedding, trying to navigate family tensions, seating arrangements, and budgets can get to be a bit much. At some point, the happy couple might be a bit less happy and wondering if this is all worth the headache, right? When that’s the case, an escape to the mountains and a Lake Arrowhead elopement can help reduce those tensions and refocus. Working with a Lake Arrowhead wedding officiant can help the bride and groom focus on each other and the rest of their lives together. Doesn’t that sound better than fretting about seating arrangements and guest lists? Even better, it can be significantly more affordable, too, meaning the bride and groom don’t have to start their new life together with a pile of debt, either!

Lake Arrowhead Elopement Packages

If a Lake Arrowhead elopement is something you are considering for your special day, Joyful Weddings and Events has elopement packages. There are many advantages to getting an elopement package and utilizing our 20+ years of experience. For instance:
● We can help wrangle vendors. Your special day should be about YOU; by letting us work as your Lake Arrowhead officiant means we can focus on contracts and details and you can focus on enjoying your day.
● We can help customize a Lake Arrowhead elopement, including ceremony and reception, to be exactly what your dreaming of—and likely for significantly less than you might spend otherwise because we negotiate on your behalf without the emotional investment of a bride or groom.
● Hiring a professional officiant can help save thousands on the cost of a lavish wedding. Let us sort out the details that might otherwise escape the bride or groom’s attention.
● Working with Richard as your Lake Arrowhead officiant, I’ll help create a special day that you will forever remember fondly. There is no better gift I could give you than to create a happy, lasting memory of your wedding day.