Eloping to Joshua Tree can be stressless!

Joshua Tree Elopement Wedding Officiant Reviews knows numerous Joshua Tree wedding locations, having performed ceremonies at Hidden Valley Picnic Area, Quail Springs Picnic Area, Cap Rock, Live Oak, Split Rock, Rattlesnake Picnic Area and Indian Cove Amphitheater.


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Tree elopement will be everything that you dreamed.

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Want just a simple ceremony in the park? Will do! Need just an officiant plus flowers? No problem! Add a photographer? Can do! We’ll even help you through the marriage licensing process and, as notaries, arrange for a certified copy of the marriage certificate to be mailed to your home.

The lighting for your romantic wedding pictures in Joshua Tree National Park is truly magical. Having included photography in
numerous Joshua Tree elopement packages, each and every one of them were delighted with the incredible surroundings and light.

Did you know that Elvis and Priscilla were planning a backyard wedding in Palm Springs until they were found out by the media. Elvis
called Frank Sinatra who arranged for a car to secretly pick up the soon to be newlyweds and whisked them away on his private  plane
to Las Vegas where they were quietly married.