Hire a Non Denominational Minister for your Interfaith Wedding

We Make Interfaith Wedding Ceremonies Truly Special

We believe that each  wedding ceremony, elopement and vow renewal should be as unique as the couples who choose us to oversee their vows. That’s why we work with California and out-of-state brides and grooms from all backgrounds, including Christian (including Catholics and Protestants), Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Taoist, Interfaith, Native American, Hindu, agnostic, atheist or simply still searching. A non denominational minister will have the experience necessary to create an interfaith wedding ceremony script that acknowledges the couple themselves and their bond, as well as their path to the Divine or their choice to focus on the human experience.

Our team specifically includes a selection of non denominational ministers who represent all walks of life. Depending on your preferences you can work with male and female wedding ministers, English and Spanish-speaking officiants, and non denominational officiants from a variety of faiths and backgrounds.

What Is a Non Denominational Minister?

A non denominational minister works to serve the spiritual needs of all people within a community. Their role may include administration of sacraments, spiritual counseling and helping all who need assistance, regardless of lifestyle, belief or background. Non denominational wedding ministers serve by performing wedding ceremonies – which may be religious or non-religious – for all couples who feel strongly about wanting a truly personalized ceremony.

Why Work With a Non Denominational Minister

Coast_Arch125Our Palm Springs wedding officiants can personalize your wedding ceremony to include the elements most important to you. Many couples feel strongly about including the speaking of the couples covenant, the reading of specific spiritual texts or passages and the recitation of vows they’ve written themselves. When you choose one of our experienced ministers to oversee your wedding, together you will schedule a time to talk over your expectations. Then they will guide the day, making transitions seamless, ensuring it’s a stress-free experience and one you never forget.

With impeccable attention to detail, our team of California non denominational ministers provide exceptional personalized service at an affordable price. Don’t leave your wedding to chance – let us make your special day as special as it can possibly be.

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