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This is a question that couples, who aren’t necessarily attached to a church or a pastor, frequently ask themselves. Many couples prefer a civil ceremony (meaning non-religious wedding or secular wedding) than a religious one. Or, for some couples, their priest or clergy are either booked or not willing to perform a wedding outside of their church. Then there are those who risk having someone they know perform the nuptials.

I understand. 43% of couples in America, for lack of experience, have a friend or family member perform the ceremony.  60% of those couples stated in a survey that they wished they had used a professional. Will your choice come back to haunt you? What if they make your ceremony about themselves? You certainly can’t ask for a memory refund.

How do you know if an officiant is the right one for you? What if you really want religious references but your officiant doesn’t? What if your marriage officiant is a frustrated actor who treats your ceremony like they are on stage all the while upstaging you and your wedding party. As a certified wedding coordinator I have seen all of the above.

Society wedding at the Frank Sinatra Estate where I am a preferred wedding officiant.

What Your Officiant Doesn’t Know May Haunt You

Reviews are a tell all.There are several parts to being a wedding officiant. It’s not just standing there reading a wedding script. It all starts with connecting with each couple. There are many formalities that a wedding officiant must know, and many ceremony options such as announcements or protocol. I have officiated 1700+ weddings, and have learned many different variations of every ceremony and tradition. That is why I am often referred by wedding planners of key venue personnel. I make their job easier.

Staying organized is essential as a wedding officiant. I must manage a lot of correspondence for weddings that might take place tomorrow, next week, next month or next year. I must communicate with and answer questions. from brides, grooms, family members and wedding coordinators.  I must manage expectations and a very busy schedule, and make sure that a marriage license has been procured and is at hand the
day of the ceremony. I also must rehearse the personalized script and be fully present.

I answer phones, text messages and emails, all in a timely manner. I make it a point to be reachable by several different means most of the day almost every day.

Marriage LicenseAssistance – What’s Included


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