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How do I find a wedding officiant near me?

This is a question that couples, who aren’t necessarily attached to a church or a pastor, frequently ask themselves. Many couples prefer a civil ceremony (meaning non-religious wedding or secular wedding) than a religious one. Or, for some couples, their priest or...

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Yelp Honors Joyful Weddings & Events

Thanks to all your accomplishments, we're giving you the 2019 "People Love us On Yelp" designation, which is only awarded to the most highly rated and best reviewed businesses on Yelp. With a 4.89 of 5.0-star rating, and 28 reviews, it’s clear the Yelp community loves...

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How to Write Wedding Vows Step by Step

How to Write Wedding Vows Step by Step

Some couples have the language skills to write their own vows. It doesn’t mean theirs are better than any other vows. Sincere words beat out eloquence every day of the week. Some couples just prefer to be the author of their commitment. When you consider writing your...

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Palm Springs Wedding Planner

With over 1,500 weddings of experience you will be amazed at how smoothly your wedding plans will come together.   Help from Joyful Weddings & Events, your ideal wedding planner online, can make sure that your wedding is a glorious day. Our work is...

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Yelp Reviews for Joyful Weddings and Marriages

 Thanks for reading our Yelp Reviews below. *Douglas: Richard was absolutely amazing. As a retired event planner I was happy to say that the last marriage I was involved with (6000 - Yes that many) was my own and I had to do NOTHING. From the help with the license, to...

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Green Card for Same-Sex Couples

Please note:  Joyful Weddings is sharing the below information as a courtesy to same-sex couples. We do not endorse the  business(es) name in the below article which may be viewed fully on this web site. On Tuesday, 26 June 2013, the Supreme Court of the United States...

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Wedding Wire Reviews

Thank your for reading some of the below 2014 Wedding Wire Reviews. I am AMAZED that so many men took the time to review our services. *Chris: My wedding was a spur of the moment decision, 21 years in the making. Richard was very responsive to emails, even late at...

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Palm Springs Photographer Referrals

Understanding a little bit about photography equipment, styles of shooting, and how Palm Springs photographers charge will pay big dividends during negotiations. It may not be immediately obvious that there's a lot riding on the line when it comes to your wedding...

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When Should I Start Planning My Wedding?

A couple and their families can spend many months planning a California wedding. That's not surprising when you consider the approaching festivities represent one most important days in the lives of two people, their wedding day. With any luck, their wedding day will...

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Palm Springs Videographer Gay or Straight

Wedding Videographer Palm Springs Wedding videography has come so far since the days of grainy, spot lit VHS tapes featuring in-your-face interviews of guests and shaky footage of the cake cutting. Today’s Palm Springs wedding videography is as polished and as...

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From small elopements to mid-size destination weddings, Joyful Weddings & Events is your ideal officiant/event planner/coordinator. You will greatly benefit from our 1700 + weddings of experience working with hundreds of venues and vendors.

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